My Beauty Diary Earl Grey Tea and Macaron sheet mask review

Ah, sheet face masks – something I have never tried before! I’ve heard good things about My Beauty Diary sheet masks, and the flavours drew me in – chocolate truffle, strawberry yoghurt, and the one that I purchased – Earl Grey Tea and Macaron. You can order these from (you can click the link above!) or just find them on eBay, but beware of fakes! I purchased three of these sheet face masks off eBay for around $10. When I got the package, I noticed that the packets felt really cold, even after just having them sitting on my desk! I was going to try these out later this week, but after sitting in bed all bloody day in a foul mood, I decided I needed to do something nice for myself. So I hauled myself out of bed and whacked this sucker on!

(please note that’s not the mask itself, just the backing. The mask was dripping everywhere, so I couldn’t get a photo of it without getting sticky serum all over my sheets :/)

Yeah, these face sheet masks aren’t exactly something that makes anyone look good whilst wearing it! Definitely looked somewhat freakish. (just realised it looks like I’ve got a serious big black mustache – that’s just the shadow of the mask!)

First tip – don’t do what I did and (stupidly) open the face sheet mask over your laptop keyboard – it will drip serum everywhere. Well, at least it did for me. Anyway, depending on how small your face is, you might find the mask a bit big, like myself. But not biggie – just squish it up and smooth it down as best to fit your face, and massage any excess serum into your neck.

A word of warning – these things are freaking cold! I could imagine they’d feel nice and refreshing on a hot summer day, but in winter? Not so much!

I had this on for a little over 30 minutes (you’re only meant to have it on for 20 minutes, but seeing as my face didn’t fall off, I’m pretty sure nothing bad will happen if you go over the suggested time…). I peeled it off and massaged the serum that was left over into my face. About 2 hours later, my face was still fairly cold and just the tiniest bit sticky, but not a “gross” kind of sticky. It eventually dried and the stickiness went away and didn’t make my face feel oily at all, which is pretty huge! I can’t say it made a huge difference to my skin tone – bu then again, this particular mask is more targeted towards normal skin, I’m definitely on the oily bandwagon! But in all, it’s still a nice face sheet mask and I would definitely recommend it. I’ll be trying a few more of the “flavours” in their range, and will post reviews on here. Has anyone tried any of the other face sheet masks in their range?

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