Lust Have It – August 2012 box

Oh, Lust Have It, I’ve only gotten two of your boxes, and I’m trying really hard to like you, I am. But wow. I received my August box today, and soon as I opened it, I was disappointed.

Here is a list of what I received in my box:

  1. tanGo Tanning Glove

“Um, how is this a glove? It’s pretty much the same shape as a face washer…!” was my first question on this product. I don’t fake tan (deathly pale and proud here, folks), so this product is pretty useless for me.

2. Tigi Rockaholic – Rock Out Shine Blaster

I am yet to try this product out, but it smells fairly good! The ends of my hair are pretty much dead, and this product promises to temporarily mask split ends. I do hope you keep your promise, Tigi! You can use this on damp or dry hair. I haven’t tried any Tigi products before, so I’m keen to give this a go. Pretty shocked to see that they’re charging $27.95 for a tiny 100mls though…

3. ModelCo Eyeliner in Black

This eyeliner has a built in sharper in the lid, which I haven’t seen before. But it’s just your average black eyeliner, I guess. Staying power seems pretty good (I did a small swatch on the back of my hand, and it lasted through washing my hands several times and cooking dinner). I might throw this one in my makeup bag I keep in my handbag for touch ups. I don’t really use pencil eyeliner anymore, I’m definitely a gel convert!

4. Marc Jacobs: DOT Fragrance

LOVE this smell. It smells so fresh and fruity, I just wish the sample size was bigger! I can’t wait to buy this – I was walking around work, sniffing it all day.

5. Appelles Skin Detox Shower Gel, Body Booster Skin Solution and Body Bar Vegetable Soap

Eh. Smell isn’t so amazing, and the products feel a bit meh.

Overall, I don’t think I would have paid $15 for this box, but maybe I’ll change my mind if the Tigi product works!

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