Fyrinnae – Product Review

Q: How in the world do you pronounce Fyrinnae?
A: Just as it is spelled, with a soft “y”. “Feer-ih-nay”.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin! I had been meaning to get Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy for a while now, as I’ve seen swatches of it being used with Glamour Doll Eyes products and it really brings out the glitter and boosts the colour. So, me being me, decided to also order some eyeshadow samples with my order. Here is what I ended up getting:

  • 10ml Pixie Epoxy (full size)
  • Biker Chic
  • Blogger Beauty
  • Digital Faerie
  • Envy Me
  • Superstar sample (I didn’t chose this one, this was the free sample that was included with my order).

Let me begin by saying that the Pixie Epoxy is amazing. I used it over E.L.F’s Mineral Eye Primer for my Glamour Doll Eyes review, and for photos I took of swatches for a Femme Fatale Cosmetics review that I’m in the process of writing. It really does bring out the colour and help the glitter adhere. I’ll talk more about the Pixie Epoxy in the review for Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

I placed my order and paid on the 27th August, and my parcel was waiting for me on the 7th September in my PO Box. Again, the international shipping on this was amazingly fast. Good job, Fyrinnae, I’m super impressed! 🙂

I also liked the handwritten “Thank you!” on the invoice that was included in my package. It’s the little things that make ordering from smaller “indie” companies so much more preferable over ordering from large corporations, who simply cram your purchases in an envelope and wipe their hands clean of it.

On to the swatches!

Biker Chic – “Turquoise-blue sparkles on a black base create a deep glittery look”

Biker Chic is definitely packed with sparkles! In the jar, it looks slightly more navy than black, but that’s probably because of the serious amount of sparkles.

Did I mention it was sparkly?

I think this would look great as a liner for a glittery pop of colour.

Blogger Beauty“Bright, shimmering mauve-pink graced with a touch of blue sparkle. Looks slightly more pink over a regular primer, slightly more cool lavender over a sticky base”

I usually don’t order colours with so much pink in them. I love purple, but I’m too wary of trying to pull of any pink tones. It looks good on other people, sure, but I’m worried that it’ll look like I have an eye disease. But hey, I’m willing to ease into the pink eyeshadow world. This is more purple than pink, though. The blue sparkles show up fairly easily.

Digital Faerie “Stunning deep sky blue with green shimmer”

The swatches I’ve done really do not capture just how pretty this shade is! The green shimmer really comes through, making it just a touch turquoise is some lights. I really think this will make my hazel eyes pop! Definitely can’t wait to try this one out.

Envy Me – Soft tan-taupe with a subtle green sheen”.

I’m really trying to expand my browns/neutrals collection, because, seriously, all I own are purple and blue shades. I don’t think the green sheen is too subtle, especially in the last photo, but it’s definitely not overpowering, and there is more tan-taupe than green. I also think this will look quite nice with my hazel eyes, and the green will probably pick up the small flecks of colour in my eyes. I hope. We’ll see what happens…

Superstar“Superstar is a very bright hot pink, graced with a subtle blue highlight. The finish is somewhere between shimmer and satin”.

Well, it’s definitely hot pink! This is one of the very few pink eyeshadows I own, but I actually really quite like this! The blue highlight is subtle, but it gives it an almost metallic appearance. It really is quite nice. Unfortunately, I’m on this “OMG I NEED TO PRESS ALL MY LOOSE EYESHADOW PIGMENTS!” kick. I went out and got all my supplies yesterday (well, most of them. I still need my tamping tool and going to give The Body Needs’ pressing mixture a go). Trying to press a sample was just a silly idea. So, I volunteered Superstar to be the first experiment.

Yeah. Bad idea. There was like a tiny fleck of it in the pan, so it didn’t press too well. I might try it with a full sized loose product that I’m not overly attached to. But I am really thinking of re-buying Superstar again, just because it was so pretty!

And, in case anyone was curious, I’ve taken some photos of the Pixie Epoxy. (I just like saying that. It sounds so cute!)

“The original! A must-have for shimmery, sparkling shadows! This is not an eye shadow primer, or really a base. It is to keep sparkles on and/or to make shimmery shadows appear “glossy”: a foiled look without foiling.
Originally developed and formulated in 2007, this unique “glue” is designed to hold the sparkliest, most shimmery eye shadows in place, minimize “fallout”, and also to easily create a foiled look without foiling. Don’t worry, it’s easily washed off, and while keeps shadows in a water-resistant state, the product itself is water-soluble (no silicones or oils).”

Price: Each sample jar (called “Mini” size on the site) was $2 each, and contained 1/3 of a teaspoon in a small clear jar. The full sized Pixie Epoxy was $7.00 for 10ml. International shipping to Australia was $3.00, which is just ridiculously cheap!

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