Hair Rehab

Oh dear. My poor hair.

Last year, in September, I had decided that I was sick of my natural blonde hair colour, and decided to make a big change and go to a dark, rich chocolate brown. This was the first serious hair dyeing experience that I had undertaken – the most I had done to my hair was regular blonde foils. The blonde, even before the foils, made me look extremely washed out and ill in comparison to my pale skin.

A few months before going to dark brown, I had cut pretty much all my hair off to above my ears and shaved in the back. I absolutely loved it, and still do (I’ve been getting the same cut for almost a year now).

This is what my hair looked like before the cut, and the dark brown:

Excuse the duck face – I was like, 18. Every time I see this photo, I almost miss being blonde. I also believe that this is the longest my hair has ever been! My hair is unfathomably thick, and when it gets long, it gets really heavy. I have enough pain in my neck as it is, thanks very much.

This is what my hair looked like after I got it cut, back in May last year.

It was fairly short – just below my earlobes.

Then I went to Noddys on King Street in Newtown for the same cut, and to get it coloured. I would have done it at home with a DYI hair dye, but seeing as it was such a big change, I wanted to get it professionally done. I think I ended up paying something like $220 for a cut, a two colours – they dyed my hair red first, and then a chocolate brown to give the colour some depth. It looked really good! When the brown started to fade, I was left with a lovely sort of auburn/chestnut colour.

I know it looks black in the first photo – the two above photos were taken with my MacBook Air’s camera, and the flash is a bit touch and go.

Then came the seemingly millions of colours, thanks to DIY dye. I was (unintentionally) black, bright red, slightly purple, and now my hair colour is….I actually don’t know. It photographs fairly dark, almost black, but when it hits sunlight, or even artificial light, there’s a crapload of red in there.

This is a fairly recent photo, and you can see that it photographs fairly darkly.

My hair is also at a weird, uneven length. From getting the same concave/shaved haircut, the back is shorter than the front. My front fringe has also grown out (I temporarily enjoyed it, but am now glad that it’s gone), and the ends of my hair are so split and ratty feeling, thanks to Solfine’s Crema Colour hair dye.

So, sometime this week (last week of annual leave from work!), I am going to do the following things to my hair:

  • Get a hair cut like the below photo of Frankie Sanford. I think she’s from some UK band. I happened to stumble across a photo of her hair cut whilst researching some cool short hair cuts (not overly keen on going back to concave. It just grows out funny and raggedy if you don’t get it regularly trimmed), and really liked her style.
    I don’t go anywhere overly special – Elegance Hair at Westfield Hurstville. Style hair cuts run for about $35, and my hairdresser always does a good job. I’m not a fan of going to a top notch salon and paying $100 for a hair cut. Seriously overrated. Hairdressers who work at “cheaper” salons have had just as much training as those who work in more expensive salons. Not to mention, I prefer the way my hair was cut at Elegance Hair than compared to the way it was cut at Noddys in Newtown. Anyway, this is the cut I want:

I really like it how it’s fairly short on one side, but still long and beautiful on the other side with the fringe. The back leans slightly on concave, and a bit bulky, but I’m sure my hairdresser can work her magic! I also might not get so much fringe, as it seems to cover quite a bit of her face.

  • Strip a years worth of hair dye build up using Jo Baz’s Hair Colour Remover Max Strength. I’ve read some pretty good reviews on this, so fingers crossed. I’m not really wanting to just straight out bleach my hair. Although, that’s what this colour remover probably is. Haha! I tried using Solfine’s Reverse Colour and it was terrible. It made my dark brown hair slightly lighter and gave it an orange tinge. Definitely not what I was after!
  • Dye my hair a shade of brown. I’d love to go for something crazy and do purple! But, unfortunately, because of beauty therapy college, I can’t do anything too wild. I think the vibrant, screaming red was enough! I’m trying not to get any red based browns, as I’m kind of over being red/maroon/an odd mixture of 1000+ hair dyes. Here are some of the shades that I’m considering:

I think the last one is the one I’m more drawn too. I prefer L’Oreal’s Preference hair dyes as I’ve had good experiences with them, especially the red hair dyes when I used them over my already dark hair. But who knows what I’ll end up choosing whilst browsing in Priceline! I’ll be sure to do a review of both the hair colour remover and the hair dye I end up choosing.

I might have to get some mousse or styling products for my new haircut – the most I do to my hair at the moment is straighten it, tie it back into a half pony (not a full pony, because my layers are that uneven), and maybe throw in some hair spray if it needs it. Something to give my hair a bit of texture, especially at the front where the side fringe is, is what I should look for. Maybe a deep conditioning treatment, as my hair will probably be fairly weak and unhealthy after using the hair dye remover/stripper.

What does everyone think? 🙂

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