Short Hair

As you would have read in my Hair Rehab post, I wanted to get my hair cut, and then strip the colour before re-colouring it.

This is my hair before getting it cut:

Aaaaand this is my hair after getting it cut, stripping the colour, and then dyeing it again.

I wanted to go dark brown, however, after stripping the colour from my hair and then dyeing it pretty much straight after (the instructions said it was okay to do so), it turned out to a light brown. I don’t mind, really. I still like it!

I also used JoBaz’s Hair Colour Remover in Normal strength. I wanted to go for the Max strength version, but both Priceline stores I went to only had Normal strength.

Luckily I didn’t go for the Max strength, because this is what my hair looked like after using the hair colour remover:

Nice orange hair! Hmm. My roots were yellow/blonde too, which I knew was going to happen. I really do like this brand of hair colour remover, as it works far better than the Solfine Reverse Colour, which I have tried before. The only thing is that it left my hair feeling extremely dry and stringy in the shower. Easily fixed, though! I just simply popped some thick conditioner through my hair and it was back to its silky soft state.

My fringe does need to grow a little bit more into this haircut, because it’s just a touch too short.

I also used this hair colour:

All products in this post, and the hair cut, were paid for with my hard earned money.

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