From black to copper; a hair story

Going to break my slight hiatus with a post all about my lovely new hair colour.

I have been dyeing my hair dark colours (black, chocolate brown, a half assed attempt at red) for over a year now – you might have seen in a recent post that I am in fact, naturally blonde.

I had been thinking of dyeing my hair copper (not orange, copper) for quite some time now. So, I booked an appointment at my local Hairhouse Warehouse and underwent a hair change.

They wanted to take a before and after shot of my hair for their Facebook page, which I was only too happy to agree to:

485248_237024309775845_1583972262_nIt took close to 2 and a half hours. Not bad, considering they discussed what colour I would like to go with me for a decent amount of time, and had to work with my almost gradient coloured hair – I had blonde roots, red tinged midsection and dark ends, as well as bleaching it, washing it, putting colour in it, and then washing it again, and then blow-drying it . I went on a Thursday night, and they close at 9, but they stayed back to finish my colour off properly, instead of doing a rushed job and getting me out of there as soon as possible.

I am absolutely in love with the colour, and looking forward to going back there next month to get my colour re-touched.

All up, for bleach and colour on medium length hair, it was $125. Add into that the amazing customer service I received, and it was definitely the best $125 I’ve ever spent!

This is not a sponsored post. All these opinions are my own, and all the money I spent was my own hard-earned cash.

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