Buying Cosmetics Online: How To Spot A Fake

If you’re like me, you buy a lot, if not all, of your cosmetics online. Now, I have been extremely lucky that all of the MAC products I have purchased online (6 or so) have not been fakes, and I will no longer be purchasing cosmetics off eBay.

There are a few different ways in which you can spot a fake rather easily. One way, however, to avoid this is to buy your MAC products, or any makeup products, from authorised stores and re-sellers. For Australians, department store David Jones has MAC counters, or you can purchase MAC products on Please don’t waste your money and risk your health buying supposedly MAC products off eBay. These products are going on your face. There could be absolutely anything in those products.

There is a website where you can enter in the batch number from a range of selected cosmetics, and it will tell you the date of manufacture and the shelf life left. It’s called Check Cosmetic, and I’ve tried it with all my MAC products (including the ones I’ve purchased from their counter and online store), and they’ve all come up!

This blog post is also extremely informative, and helps you do some detective work on any of your products that you may suspect are counterfeit!

Also, on a side note – brushes. MAC does not sell their brushes in a brush roll – they are all sold separately. Please be mindful of this. If it’s too good (or cheap) to be true, then it probably is.

Take care.

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