Glamour Dolls Eyes HUGE May Giveaway/New Collection!!

I’m so excited about this post! I am proud affiliate of Glamour Dolls Eyes, and had been dying to share this giveaway announcement with my lovely readers!

Please read below for full details of the giveaway from the email I received!

From May 1st – May 31st, for every $10 a customer spends, they will receive a raffle ticket. So if they spend $25, they will get 2 tickets, if they spend $12, they will get 1 ticket, and if they spend $38 they will get 3 tickets and so on. On June 3rd we will pick a winner and post it on our Facebook page and winner will get our ENTIRE COLLECTION. That is 141 FULL SIZE jars which is equal to $425 (if purchased as a collection) or $846 if purchased separately. I will also be drawing 2 MORE tickets to win the entire collection in sample baggies, so 3 winners in total. Sample baggies collection is worth $91.35 if purchased in a set or $176.25 separately.




As well as this awesome giveaway, there will be a new collection being released on May 15th. This is a collection in collaboration with author Teri Brown. Glamour Doll Eyes was contacted summer of last year to do a collection for her new book “Born Of Illusion” and they created 3 colours that match with her book.




I have emailed Vanessa in regards to getting the full set of this collection so I can review it for you guys, so stayed tuned, and good luck for anyone entering the giveaway!

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