Glamour Doll Eyes/Teri Brown Collaboration

Glamour Doll Eyes and author Teri Brown have recently released a collaboration called Born of Illusion, based on the Teri Brown’s latest novel by the same title.

I had the honour of hosting the Twitter launch party on the 15th May – Teri Brown had contacted me after taking the time out of her busy schedule to look at my humble blog, and asked if I would be able to host the launch party on Twitter. Of course I said yes!

If you were unable to make it to Twitter for the launch party, I have a transcript of the questions and answers below:

A Broken Jar: Where did you get the idea to create a makeup for Born of Illusion?

Teri Brown: Born of Illusion is set in the 20’s and lended itself to something glamorous. Plus, I wanted to market it differently.

A Broken Jar: What made you think of Glamour Doll Eyes to create the Born of Illusion eye shadow collection?

Teri Brown: My daughter and niece are both into makeup and thought Glamour Doll Eyes would be a good fit. Plus, Glamour Doll Eyes is small, independent, and has quality products. Quality was really important to me. I didn’t want the Born of Illusion shadows to be cheap and nasty!

A Broken Jar: What did you think when you were first contacted about the Born of Illusion collection?

Glamour Doll Eyes: I was pretty flabbergasted. I have done collaborations before but never for something as big as a book launch! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. To be a part of something so personal for someone as a book release was intimidating. But ultimately, I was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait to get started.

A Broken Jar: How did you two come up with colors for the Born of Illusion collection?

Teri Brown: I knew I wanted the colors to be used to get a modernized 20’s look, so I thought of dark, light and color.

Glamour Doll Eyes: Well the colors themselves were all the brain child of Teri Brown, I just made the colors she wanted!

A Broken Jar: When did you really start to get excited about the project?

Glamour Doll Eyes: When the color ideas came in. I felt like once those were “finalized”, the rest would just go along right with it. Also sending to swatches to Teri Brown had a huge part too. I am always SO excited about colors and I was hoping she was too! 

A Broken Jar: Where did the idea of a tutorial come about and how did you choose which makeup guru to go with?

Teri Brown: Glamour Doll Eyes sent me the names of several girls, and after checking out their YouTube channels, I knew that Alicia D was perfect for the tutorial. I wanted the 20’s look to be updated and glamorous. So Alicia D and I worked back and forth to get the look just right. It’s perfect! Check it out:

A Broken Jar: Born of Illusion is about Harry Houdini’s illegitimate daughter. Where did you get the idea?

Teri Brown: The idea for Born of Illusion just came out of nowhere–like magic! LOL. Actually, I’ve always loved the 20’s and magic and I was working with a young street magician who loved Harry Houdini.

The launch party was a great success, and a lot of exciting prizes were given away to 10 lucky winners.

I have now received my order of the Born of Illusion collection in the mail and had a chance to photograph them and write this post! I was definitely looking forward to playing with this trio of colours.







Levitation – this is described as a dark royal blue.

Out of the three shades, this was my least favourite. For me personally, while the colour is gorgeous, I did find it a bit patchy when applying it, and I had to really build up the colour. It’s by no means a “bad” colour, I just preferred Deception and Illusion over Levitation.




Deception – this is described as a dark, almost black grey with multi colored shimmers.

Out of the three shades, Deception was definitely my favourite. It’s a unique shade, and I love the purple glitter amongst the taupe/black grey colour. It really makes it pop! I can see myself wearing a neutral matte shade close to skin colour on my lid, and wearing Deception blended out in the crease to define my eyes and make them stand out. This applied evenly in colour.





Illusion – this is described as pearlescent white.

This was definitely my second favourite colour. It’s not a shade that I would necessarily wear by itself, but something I would use more of as a highlighter and adding some shimmer to a dark smoky eye. It has similar glitter colours to Deception. This also applied easily and evenly.

All up, I really enjoyed this collection! The shades are all colours you could easily wear alone, but they are also shades you could very easily wear altogether and create a stunning look. They all have just the right amount of glitter and colour.

Teri Brown’s book, Born of Illusion, is available for pre-order now through, Barnes and Noble or your nearest indy bookstore!

The eyeshadow collection was purchased with my hard earned money. I was not paid to be the host for the Twitter party. Any comments or remarks are my own.

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