How I Store My Makeup – Updated!

I realised that my last post on how I store my makeup is extremely outdated! I was sick of constantly pulling the top drawer out to get my makeup out and it just looked….bad. So, last month, I decided to utilize the “spare” room in my house (my sister’s bedroom – she’s moved out of home now), and I have now set up my own little makeup desk!

If you’re interested in seeing how I organise my makeup now, and some affordable ways to store your makeup, please keep reading 🙂


This is what it looked like before I bought some more items from the $2 shop – you can see here on the left I have some stuff just dumped there.

Below is what it looks like now that everything has been nicely organised!



So this is how it’s looking at the moment – as you can see, I have tonnes more room to put everything and spread my makeup out! The drawers on the right of the desk help too – you’ll see what I keep there in a few photos down.




This is how my brushes used to be organised – as you can see, my face brushes are sort of all crammed together in the one cup and it just looks messy. I went to a $2 store (for any USA readers, a discount store) and purchased some clear glass cups, as well as glass pebble beads, just to make the brushes stand up better and make everything look nice.




I also bought a glass bowl for my kabuki brush to sit in, as it’s too short and doesn’t have much of a handle to fit into the brush holder. The glases were $1 each, the glass stones were $2 per bag, and the glass bowl was also $1. When compared to those acrylic holders, the price is quite cheap!


I ended  up reusing the black mesh pencil holders to spread my brushes out a bit more. I can actually see what brushes I have at a glance, instead of fumbling through each cup!





I bought two of these acrylic lipstick holders from the $2 store, as well. They hold 9 lipsticks each. I put my square shaped tubes in one, and my MAC lipsticks (with some random ones I wear often) in the other ones.

Before I bought this, I was using a stand from a small mirror that had a lipstick holder attached to the bottom of it, just for my MAC lipsticks.



Please excuse the dust, this didn’t get much use!

For all my other makeup, I have two A4 letter drawers that I use to store my makeup. I find that they are much cheaper than the acrylic ones you can get online. I bought the black ones from Officeworks for just under $15 – here’s the link. The blue ones you will see in a moment, I purchased from The Reject Shop for $12. They come in blue and pink, as far as I can remember.



This is the top of the Officeworks drawer – on top of it, I store 3 makeup related books – two Rae Morris books, and a book by Carmindy I received when I signed up for my online makeup course. I also keep my tissues there, my empty brush roll, sticky tape, my small mirror, a bottle of Isopropyl alcohol, and a tub of eye makeup remover wipes from Aldi that I bought on sale.


This is the black drawer from Officeworks. The trays are really sturdy and slide out easily. The ones from the Reject Shop are a bit flimsy, but unfortunately I don’t have an Officeworks close to me or that’s easily accessible by public transport!



In my first drawer, I keep my foundation – MaxFactor, ELF, Revlon, MAC, Maybelline Oil Control loose powder, MAC Studio Fix foundation compact, my BB creams, and a sample of Clinique foundation.


In my second drawer, I keep my concealers – the sample bags at the back are my Meow Cosmetics concealer samples that I haven’t tried yet, CoverGirl concealer, Estée Lauder concealer, Garnier Roll-On for undereye circles, Maxfactor concealer, Maybelline concealer, Physician’s Formula green concealer stick, Tony Moly concealer and a sample card of Savior Fair concealer.




In my third and second drawers, I keep my sample eyeshadows in jars – as you can see, I have a lot of them. I have more that I’m yet to put in sample jars. I am using a different colour each day to slowly work my way through them before I buy more eyeshadow!



In my last drawer, I keep my single eyeshadow pans (I don’t have a lot), my false eyelashes, my mixing medium for turning loose powder eyeshadow into liquid liners, and my three jars of gel eyeliner.





On top of my second set of drawers (the blue ones from The Reject Shop), I have a clock I bought from Typo on sale, the palettes I received from my online makeup course, a bottle of cleaning fluid for cleaning the desk after I finish using it, and a small cardboard box for placing the eyeshadow samples I have used in there, so I don’t reuse colours!



In my first drawer, I store my eyeshadow palettes – they fit in here nicely and I don’t have any issues finding what I want.



In my second drawer, I store my blushes, bronzers and highlighters – I don’t own many, so they are a little spaced out in here, which I like!



I store the rest of my lipsticks in here – samples at the bottom, my Australis pout paste, along with other lipsticks. The bad thing about this drawer is that they keep rolling around. I’m going to place a small rubber mat in this drawer to stop that from happening!



In my last drawer, I keep my lipglosses, lipstains and lipbalm – I suppose some of these could go in the lipstick drawer, but I like my lipsticks separate!



I have two smaller drawers that I purchased from The Reject Shop a while back – I think they were maybe $2 – $4 each?


In the first drawer, I keep my mascara – my beloved Bourjois Paris mascara in the middle clearly needs replacing, as it’s looking a bit grubby.


In my second drawer, I keep my eyeshadow pencils and liquid eyeliners. Bit of a strange combination, but it will have to do for now!



In the third drawer, I keep some nail files, a hair tie, a cuticle pusher and a blackhead stick thing that I’m yet to use. This is my crap drawer – I put stuff in here that I can’t be bothered throwing out or moving. I am incredibly lazy!



In the first drawer of my second set of small drawers, I keep my lipliners and eyeliner pencils – again, I’m not entirely happy with this, but it’s working well so far.



Finally, in my bottom drawer, I keep my primers, pixie epoxy and liplock sealer from Rimmel – most of these are sample sizes, because I’m still figuring out what I want!



In the set of wooden drawers I have at the side of the desk, I keep things in there that I don’t need at hand all the time – cotton tips, cotton wipes, scissors, two more packets of ELF’s eyeshadow primer, a full brush roll, empty eyeshadow pans and a packet of antibacterial wipes.



In the bottom drawer, I keep empty boxes from makeup, cotton wool balls and my dock for my old iPod which I sometimes use.



I also purchased a small Wheelie Bin (for anyone outside of Australia, a wheelie bin is a bin with wheels!). I use this as a small bin on the desk, instead of having a plastic bag at my feet for rubbish. Makes everything seem a bit cleaner and more organised!



I purchased this white plastic tray to use as my “yet to try/new products” – if I buy a new product, and put it where it is meant to go, I will definitely lose track of it and forgot that I purchased it. I recently received the Naked palette from my boyfriend for our 6 month “anniversary” (had to drop some hints for that!), and I absolutely loving it. I put Buck on my lid, and put a darker shadow in my crease, blend it out, and lightly swipe Virgin under my brow bone. This palette is definitely worth getting.






So that’s how I store my makeup! How does everyone else store theirs? 🙂






One thought on “How I Store My Makeup – Updated!

  1. I find your system very helpful. We have Dollar Stores here in the US–I will look around a bit. Thanks for sharing this.
    Very nice of you!

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