Hi there, welcome to A Broken Jar, just another Australian makeup blog.



My name is Sarah. I’m a 21 year old Australian female, born and raised in Queensland, but have been living in Sydney since 2001. I am currently working full time for a pharmaceutical company in Software Support. It’s a lot more exciting than it sounds. As of May 2013, I am studying to become a makeup artist part-time.

This blog features 100% honest reviews of make up purchased – if the product is not to my liking, I will say so and give reasons as to why. But also, please keep in mind that all opinions are my OWN. You may have a different skin type, budget, needs, etc as to mine, so please do not take everything I say to gospel 😉 I am by no means a professional makeup artist (yet!), I simply run this blog as a hobby.


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