How I Store My Makeup – Updated!

I realised that my last post on how I store my makeup is extremely outdated! I was sick of constantly pulling the top drawer out to get my makeup out and it just looked….bad. So, last month, I decided to utilize the “spare” room in my house (my sister’s bedroom – she’s moved out of home now), […]

This Week In Shopping

These posts are always going to be dangerous! At the moment, my digital camera’s USB cord (which I use to charge the battery/camera) has gone AWOL. I ordered a new battery charger off eBay last night, so here’s to hoping I can start getting some reviews and swatches done for my lovely readers! In these […]


Oh boy! Sorry everyone, I’ve been neglecting this blog a fair bit 😦 College has been a lot more work than I thought, and seeing as I work full time, it pretty much sucks up all my free time! I’ll endeavor to post some more reviews up, but I still also have some stuff to […]