E.L.F. Haul

Finally received my package from E.L.F on Friday evening! (My family only checks our post office box once a week, so I have to wait until Fridays to get all of my packages).

I spent last night taking photos and quickly playing the products and doing some quick swatches. I had the chance to wear some of the products today, so I’ll be able to write a more in depth review on those.

On to the haul~!

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Glamour Dolls Eyes HUGE May Giveaway/New Collection!!

I’m so excited about this post! I am proud affiliate of Glamour Dolls Eyes, and had been dying to share this giveaway announcement with my lovely readers!

Please read below for full details of the giveaway from the email I received!

From May 1st – May 31st, for every $10 a customer spends, they will receive a raffle ticket. So if they spend $25, they will get 2 tickets, if they spend $12, they will get 1 ticket, and if they spend $38 they will get 3 tickets and so on. On June 3rd we will pick a winner and post it on our Facebook page and winner will get our ENTIRE COLLECTION. That is 141 FULL SIZE jars which is equal to $425 (if purchased as a collection) or $846 if purchased separately. I will also be drawing 2 MORE tickets to win the entire collection in sample baggies, so 3 winners in total. Sample baggies collection is worth $91.35 if purchased in a set or $176.25 separately.




As well as this awesome giveaway, there will be a new collection being released on May 15th. This is a collection in collaboration with author Teri Brown. Glamour Doll Eyes was contacted summer of last year to do a collection for her new book “Born Of Illusion” and they created 3 colours that match with her book.




I have emailed Vanessa in regards to getting the full set of this collection so I can review it for you guys, so stayed tuned, and good luck for anyone entering the giveaway!

Buying Cosmetics Online: How To Spot A Fake

If you’re like me, you buy a lot, if not all, of your cosmetics online. Now, I have been extremely lucky that all of the MAC products I have purchased online (6 or so) have not been fakes, and I will no longer be purchasing cosmetics off eBay.

There are a few different ways in which you can spot a fake rather easily. One way, however, to avoid this is to buy your MAC products, or any makeup products, from authorised stores and re-sellers. For Australians, department store David Jones has MAC counters, or you can purchase MAC products on maccosmetics.com.au. Please don’t waste your money and risk your health buying supposedly MAC products off eBay. These products are going on your face. There could be absolutely anything in those products.

There is a website where you can enter in the batch number from a range of selected cosmetics, and it will tell you the date of manufacture and the shelf life left. It’s called Check Cosmetic, and I’ve tried it with all my MAC products (including the ones I’ve purchased from their counter and online store), and they’ve all come up!

This blog post is also extremely informative, and helps you do some detective work on any of your products that you may suspect are counterfeit!

Also, on a side note – brushes. MAC does not sell their brushes in a brush roll – they are all sold separately. Please be mindful of this. If it’s too good (or cheap) to be true, then it probably is.

Take care.

This Week In Shopping

These posts are always going to be dangerous!

At the moment, my digital camera’s USB cord (which I use to charge the battery/camera) has gone AWOL. I ordered a new battery charger off eBay last night, so here’s to hoping I can start getting some reviews and swatches done for my lovely readers!

In these “This Week In Shopping” posts, I like to tell you guys what I’ve been spending my money on! This is probably going to be the most extensive list that you will see for a while – I really need to start saving as my family and I are going overseas to Germany, Paris and Abu Dhabi in September and at the moment, I’ve got $50 saved… I need to save at least $3000 by September, which is roughly $170 per week. I’ve almost reached it this week, which is good! I am still on probation at work (I’ve started working in software support in February, and all employees have to go through a 3 month probation), so hopefully my pay will increase once this is over. I’m not the best at budgeting – I love to buy my boyfriend little gifts here and there. Next month will be our 6 month “anniversary”, where I’m taking him to Rockpool in The Rocks for dinner, as well as getting him a gift (I’m thinking an electric razor. I was going to get him one for his birthday last month, but I had already spent way too much money). We were going to stay in a hotel nearby, but we both really need to save money! Continue reading

Customer Complaint – Myer

I wasn’t sure if I was going to publish this post or not, but good customer service is something I feel strongly about, having worked in retail and in office jobs, both in customer facing roles/customer service roles for the past 6 years. When I feel like I get treated poorly by a customer service representative, I feel like I should have the right to speak up about it, or complain.

An example of this is when I went to the Clinique counter at a Myer department store last Sunday. (I am not going to mention which Myer store this was). I was hoping to get some foundation, preferably Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! by Benefit. When I got to there, I sadly discovered that the Myer I had gone into didn’t stock Benefit. So my next choice was a Clinique foundation, Stay Matte Oil-Free foundation in particular.

After waiting around to be served by the staff member at the Clinique counter (I was hanging around, looking at a nearby counter for about 40 minutes until she was free), I was colour matched, and it turned out that the two lightest shades in that foundation were far too yellow for my skin. So, the next one she (the staff member) suggested was Clinique’s Super Balanced Makeup, which adds moisture to dry areas, which is good for my combination/oily skin. She matched me to Alabaster, which looks extremely dark for my skintone, but seemed to blend in well.

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From black to copper; a hair story

Going to break my slight hiatus with a post all about my lovely new hair colour.

I have been dyeing my hair dark colours (black, chocolate brown, a half assed attempt at red) for over a year now – you might have seen in a recent post that I am in fact, naturally blonde.

I had been thinking of dyeing my hair copper (not orange, copper) for quite some time now. So, I booked an appointment at my local Hairhouse Warehouse and underwent a hair change.

They wanted to take a before and after shot of my hair for their Facebook page, which I was only too happy to agree to:

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