Short Hair

As you would have read in my Hair Rehab post, I wanted to get my hair cut, and then strip the colour before re-colouring it.

This is my hair before getting it cut:

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This Week In Shopping

Hi everyone! I decided to do a weekly post of recent items I have purchased – whether it be clothing, shoes, makeup, accessories, etc.

Hopefully it will also help me to keep my spending under control 😉

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Hair Rehab

Oh dear. My poor hair.

Last year, in September, I had decided that I was sick of my natural blonde hair colour, and decided to make a big change and go to a dark, rich chocolate brown. This was the first serious hair dyeing experience that I had undertaken – the most I had done to my hair was regular blonde foils. The blonde, even before the foils, made me look extremely washed out and ill in comparison to my pale skin.

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Femme Fatale Cosmetics Review

I recently purchased some samples from Femme Fatale Cosmetics, and only just got around to swatching and writing up a review for them. I ordered 16 different eyeshadow samples, and 1 blush sample (which I haven’t swatched here. Sorry!).

For the 17 samples, it came up to $17.60, and shipping was only $1 – as they are based in Australia, and the samples were only small, shipping was fairly inexpensive!

Please keep reading for photos of what I received, and swatches of the shades I purchased.

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Black Eyebrows

I was experimenting with makeup the other night, and decided to do a dark look, and experiment with colouring in my eyebrows. I feel that they are too light for my red/brown hair, and am thinking about filling them in with a darker pencil.

I used liquid eyeliner on my eyebrows, eyeshadow from Meow Cosmetics and Femme Fatale (reviews to come soon!), bronzer from Rimmel, purple lipstick from Wet N Wild, and then gently pressed some bronzer onto my lips, on top of the lipstick to give it a sort of antique look. I kind of liked how this turned out! It’s not something I would regularly wear out, but it’s always fun to experiment!

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10 Followers Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

I have decided to run a giveaway when I hit 10 followers – as I am a new blogger, I only currently have one follower – Naomi from Mum Reviews Beauty Blog. The giveaway won’t be a massive prize, but I’m hoping to do one every time I get 10 new followers. So spread the word – you could win something for simply following my blog 😉

Current Skincare Regime

Hi guys! Sorry it’s been so long in between posts – work has been crazy busy! Thankfully, I’m on annual leave for two weeks, so I’m going to try and get as many swatches, reviews, etc done during this time period.

This post is just to list what I use in my skincare regime. I’m not going to break it up into morning or night, because I basically just used the same products, just a few more at night.

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