Mega Priceline Haul!

So. I may have spent a little bit too much at Priceline this week…



Anyway! On to swatches and pictures!



showergelImperial Lather – Luxurious Summer Berries Hydrating Beads Bodywash – $5.49

I needed to get some more body wash, and as I like to use fruity scented ones, I saw this one and instantly threw it in my basket.

Okay, so I didn’t throw it, it would have exploded into a puddle of summer berry smelling goodness. I placed it in my basket.

This bodywash is super thick! It almost has the same consistency as half-set jelly, and it smells divine! I can definitely see myself buying this again.



rimmelmascara2Rimmel – Lash Accelerator Endless in Black – $11.95

This has only been released in Australia, so I decided to grab one to check it out! I think this is Rimmel’s take on CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher mascara, which I haven’t tried yet. I’ve only used this once, and while it isn’t a volumizing mascara, it’s great to use under volumizing mascaras – I used this under Benefit’s They’re Real on Friday night, and it made a huge difference. It separates lashes nicely and easily, without having to use too many coats.

One gripe I have with Priceline is their packaging. Yes, I understand security tape and barcodes are essential, but they’re such a pain in the butt to get off! When you do get them off, they leave gross grubby sticky residue behind! It might not necessarily be Priceline’s fault, but come on. It’s getting annoying.





Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Black Diamond (15) – $11.95

I didn’t like this lipstick when I first swatched it in Priceline – it does look like a gross nasty frosty grey brown on skin. However, after I ran around swatching what seemed like every single one of Maybelline’s lipstick, this swatch was still on a small patch on my hand, and I realised that I did in fact like it – my boyfriend witnessed this, laughed at me and wondered why I needed so many lipsticks.


Anyway. I wore this lipstick on Friday night (I had a 21st to attend) and it looks really good on lips! Which is where lipstick is obviously meant to go. I’m definitely glad I purchased this.

Here’s a badly lit selfie I took right before I left to go to the 21st – you can see that the shade isn’t gross at all! It’s almost a grey purple colour. Seriously, you need to see this in real life.





Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Nude – $9.95

I have been waiting for months for this bloody eyeliner to reach Australia – it’s a waterproof nude eyeliner.




In case you don’t know, nude eyeliners applied to your inner rim/waterline make your eyes appear bigger and more “open” and awake. Seeing as this formula is waterproof, it means those people who suffer from watery eyes (that’s me!) don’t have to worry about having to re-apply their eyeliner to their inner rim constantly.

I wore it on Friday during the day to work, and it did make a significant difference! It also looked like I had just applied it by the time I got home. It feels nice and creamy, and has great staying power.

I will be buying these in bucketloads, I believe.



Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner in Black – FREE with purchase of Lash Accelerator mascara

Same deal as the nude eyeliner – this is waterproof, and does not budge at all! I wore this on my lids to create a winged cat eye for Friday night – as well as being creamy like the nude shade, it also blends like a dream.

I have a feeling I will be buying the rest of the shades in this collection – at the moment, they have 14 shades.





Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Cutting Edge – $9.95

I haven’t had a chance to wear this as yet, but if it’s anything like Rimmel’s other lipsticks, I know what to expect – nice, creamy formula that has decent staying power. It’s a berry shade, leaning towards more pink than red. Great for winter, I think. I hope to try this shade out soon!




Nailene Couture Design Nails in Safari – $12.70

I found myself missing my acrylic nails (I go through moments of weakness every now and again), so I picked up a pack of these. Cute design, nothing too over the top, and for $12, it’s pretty good.

Worst idea, ever.

After choosing all the nails that would fit mine, I opened the tube of glue and I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed.

After about 10 minutes of trying to get the glue “gel” out, I thought “Stuff this, I’m just going to cut the tube open and try not to glue my fingers together”.

Upon cutting open the tube of glue, I discovered that it pretty much a solid stick of glue. I stuck the sharp cuticle stick in there and pulled some of the glue out.

“This could work”, I thought to myself, as I happily smeared this dried up glue onto the back of the nails and pressed them to my own nails.

The glue sort of was slightly tacky, but it kept grouping together (and to be frank, reminded me of a giant snot ball. How pleasant).

After managing to get all the nails on, I put the kit away and went to sleep.

The next morning, when I was putting on makeup, one of the thumb nails fell off. I didn’t even hit my finger – I literally picked up my bottle of foundation and it fell off.

The remaining nails pretty much all fell off either on the way to work, or at work.

Definitely not impressed, and after doing a quick Google search on Nailene’s glue issue, I can see I’m definitely not the only one who got a bad tube of glue.

I might write them an email to let them know about my experience, as I was pretty frustrated, especially seeing as on the packet, it says “Long lasting wear guaranteed!”

Hmm. Yeah.




Models Prefer Lipgloss in Fabulously Flirty – $1

I found this gem in the bargain bin – it’s a non-sticky lipgloss that’s best described as a berry colour with gold-ish glitter. Not bad for $1! I haven’t tried this yet, but it swatches nicely, has no noticeable smell and hey, for $1, like you would say no!








Models Prefer Moisture Lust Glossy Lip Tint in Marshmallow, Honeycomb and Black Cherry – $7.99 each

These have just been released – seems everyone is jumping on the lipgloss/balm stick/pen trend! I picked this one up, along with two other shades – I’ve tried Face of Australia’s take on these, but am yet to try Clinque’s! Seeing as they’re $35 each here in Australia, it’s not something I would casually buy! Besides, I would get their Almost Lipstick in Black Honey before I splurge on their Chubby Sticks.

Anyway. I wore this shade briefly, and it’s okay. Not super moisturising, the colour is pretty standard, the packaging feels a bit flimsy. Worth $7.99 for sure, but nothing I would really feel the need to rebuy.

I also took swatches of these, but I’m not sure where they’ve ended up! 😮







Maybelline Color Tattoo in Edgy Emerald – $11.95

I own the purple one, which sadly applies a little bit patchy. I picked up the green one, because I’ve seen swatches of it and I’ve read that it’s got a much better formulation. I wore this out to lunch today, and patted Rupee by Shiro Cosmetics over it. Wow. I can’t believe I almost wrote it off! It really brings out the green in green eyeshadows and makes them more vibrant. You can obviously wear this alone, and it looks fantastic too.

I’m really keen on picking up the rest of the shades in this collection!






Maybelline ColorSensational in Nearly There – $10 (on sale)

$10 Maybelline lipsticks was probably the best thing Priceline has ever put on sale.

I don’t have many nude shades/colours that can be worn every day that look somewhat neutral, so I picked this one up. It’s got a slight sheen to it and doesn’t look too brown.







Maybelline ColorSensational in Mango Diamonds – $10

I actually really hate mangoes. That aside, I’m starting to gravitate more towards orange lipsticks ever since colouring my hair copper, for some reason. This is lovely and has a nice sheen to it, and that mango colour is gorgeous! It’s got a bit of pink in it, so it’s not really full on orange.







Maybelline ColorSensational in Make Me Pink – $10

Another sensible shade for everyday wear – it’s not super bright and looks fairly natural. The consistency of these lipsticks are really nice! I just wish the Priceline store I went to had a bigger selection!







Maybelline ColorSensational in Cherry Candy – $10

I’ve been trying to search for “red” shades that have more pink tones than red tones in them, and I think shade fits the bill. It’s got a bit of orange in it, and looks slightly similar to Mango Diamonds. This one has a sheen to it and looks somewhat sparkly, but nothing too noticeable.







MaxFactor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Vibrant Pink – $9.95

Vibrant Pink is definitely spot on to describe this shade! It’s BRIGHT. My camera doesn’t even do it justice (and either do my manky teeth, ugh). These feel really moisturising and you only really need one swipe/coat for full coverage. I’m really impressed with these and will definitely be looking at trying the rest of the shades in this new release from MaxFactor. Well, new for Australia, at least.






MaxFactor Clump Defy Mascara in Black – $24.95

Kind of annoyed I bought this at full price a day before it went on sale for $10 at Priceline. Oh well.

This is MaxFactor’s take on CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher, like Rimmel’s latest mascara. Again, it’s great for layering under thicker mascaras, but I don’t see a real need for this for me personally, as I don’t have any issues with my mascara clumping. It’s got a great brush and I do like how it makes my lashes look, but I could have definitely given this a miss!








L’Oreal Shine Caresse in Milady – $23.95

I’m not sure whether to classify this as a gloss, lipstick or stain as it pretty much embodies the qualities of all three! I wore this today, and after you apply it, it feels a bit sticky and tacky, but nothing that I would consider to be “bad” as such.  After surviving a buffet lunch and a delicious ice cold apple cider, it faded into a stain, as the last picture shows, that lasted for the rest of the afternoon. You also really have to scrub it off to remove it completely, which is good for me because I have a problem with lip colours not lasting long on me! I was pretty impressed by the staying power of this new product for L’Oreal (again, new for Australia). I’m keen to try another shade in this range.








Australis Colour Inject Mineral lipstick in Limited Edition 2 – $3 (I bought two of these, they were in the bargain bin!)

I picked these up on a whim, not having swatched them and not knowing what the colour was exactly. For $3, if I didn’t like how it looked on me, it would be no great loss.

I fell in love with the colour as soon as it hit my lips. It’s a pretty standard orange, but I really like how it looks on me! The formula isn’t drying and a little bit moisturising.









Australis IntensifEye Eyeshadow Palette in You Beauty – $3 (found in the bargain bin)

I picked up this palette not being able to swatch the shades – again, if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t feel bad about wasting $3 on something I didn’t enjoy!

The colours are really pigmented – the swatches are just one swipe of colour! I didn’t notice a great deal of fallout and it’s got a nice amount of shimmer. I wish there were more of these palettes in the bargain bin so I could have picked up some different shades!








(cream + shadow on the first left, shadow in the middle, cream on the right)

Australis DoubleDecker Eyeshadow Duo in Give Me Some Space – $3 (found in the bargain bin)

I had previously dismissed these DoubleDecker eyeshadow duos as I’m not a huge fan of cream eyeshadow as I have greasy lids and didn’t want to worry about creasing. I found this in the bargain bin and decided to give it a go!

The cream eyeshadow is a blackened purple, with flecks of purple glitter. It has a nice consistency and is fairly well pigmented. The loose powder is a blackened purple, but definitely has more purple in it than the cream shadow. As you can see in the swatch, when they’re mixed together, it gives a strong metallic purple colour, which I absolutely love. I’m itching to incorporate this into a smoky eye look. It’s just really pretty!




Australis Paparazzi Perfect High Definition Concealer in Light – $3 (found in the bargain bin)

I’m not totally in love with this concealer, sadly. It’s a touch too dark for me, even though I purchased the lightest shade possible! It seems to make my under eye area darker, which is not what I want it to do! I might use this on someone else if I am doing their makeup, but that’s about it. Glad this was only $3!

Phew. That was a long post! What did you pick up at the Priceline sale? Feel free to share below 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mega Priceline Haul!

  1. Great haul!!! As a far too frequent Priceline shopper I have found that instead of peeling the sticky tape off it works better if you just get scissors and cut through it so that you can open the product but leave the sticky tape on…if that makes sense? I’m going to have to try L’Oreal’s Shine Caresse glosses/lipsticks, they sound fab! Just found your blog, following you now 🙂 Cheers

    • That does make sense! I’ll have to try it next time. Thank you!

      Hope you enjoy the L’oreal Lipgloss as much as I do!

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