I’m back!

Hi everyone! I haven’t stopped writing for this blog, so please don’t think I’ve disappeared! I’ve had a lot of stuff happen in my life since the last post, and I’ve needed to take a break to sort some of this stuff out! So, what’s been happening, you ask, my lovely readers? 1. I got […]

6 Easy Nail Art Tutorials

If you’re anything like me, you love nail art, but find it too fiddly (or have shaky hands like I do) to create something amazing. I wanted to share some nail art tutorials with you that are easy to follow and don’t take up your whole day to create, and yet look absolutely amazing at […]

Shiro Cosmetics: Custom Lipglosses

Shiro Cosmetics recently announced that they would be making custom lipglosses – basically, you pick a lip-safe colour from their eyeshadow range, and Caitlin from Shiro Cosmetic whips it up into a lipgloss! Naturally, this excited me because their eyeshadows are amazing – my next scheduled review after this one will be on their eyeshadows […]

How I Store My Makeup – Updated!

I realised that my last post on how I store my makeup is extremely outdated! I was sick of constantly pulling the top drawer out to get my makeup out and it just looked….bad. So, last month, I decided to utilize the “spare” room in my house (my sister’s bedroom – she’s moved out of home now), […]